We Need the No-Brainer IndieWeb

Just sharing some concerns on starting with such a great community as the IndieWeb.

I have some experience with webtech, so assuming gen1. And even for me the getting started guide was kind of mind blowing. The reason is: along the reading I was overwhelmed with alternatives.

It’s easily understandable for marketers and teachers. Every unnecessary element on a page distracts a customer from the target action. Up to leaving the whole process. Every unknown term or sign of complexity confuses a student. Up to total frustration. In both cases we loose all the attention and effort of the participant.

To fix this we need more no-brainer guides for getting started.

They must contain alternatives only under the spoiler blocks or not contain alternatives at all. We have to make no hurt to the reading flow.

To scratch my own itch and for example I’m going to make a post for introductory guide to Python static gen Nikola published to Gitlab pages.